Thursday, February 16, 2012

Learning as I play

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When I'm  building in the block room,
Or moulding and shaping clay,
I'm expressing myself and being creative.
Learning as I play.

When you see me busy with a puzzle,
Or some "plaything", you may say,
I'm learning to solve problems and concentrate.
Learning as I play.

When you see me learning to hop, skip and run,
Or move my body and sway,
I'm learning how my body works.
Learning as I play.

When you ask me what i've done at school today,
And I say, "I played".
Please don't understand me,
For you see, I'm learning as I play.

Source: Unknown

I've found this simple poem when i was work at Gandhi school. Dunno where this came from, but the teacher ask children to stick the copy of this poem on the workbook and memorize it. Then i took it from the extra basket. Hehe... ;p
I love the words. I like how they explain a childhood in a simple word. And for me, this poem remind me of childhood things. When we grow up, become a teenager, an adult, work, married, and having children, we often forget about what we feel when we was child. We often judge our cousin, nephew, niece, or even our own child as naughty children because they play only and don't wanna study. We forgot as children, they learn from anything they found, anything they saw and heard. Even when they play, they could learn so many things. Team work, strategy, vocabulary, friendship, and so on. But us, when we grow up, we forgot to play. We forgot how it feels. We forgot how to learn. We forgot our "naughty" childhood, and ask children only to  study and get the best mark on their worksheet.
I retype this poem to my blog. So one day, as a mom, a parent, i could learn also from this poem. To let my children play and learn something from them. Hopefully, we could be the best parent from our children.

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