Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mommy's 52 years old Birthday

Me, Mommy & My Little Brother
at Masjid Agung Surakarta
Today, January 14th 2012 were my mommy's 52 years old birthday.
Her first birthday without her mom, my granny. I don't know exactly what's in her mind, did she feel sad or something, she didn't tell me. But deep down inside, i know that she still feels so lost...
She woke up very early this morning, and start to cook. If i may added, she starts to prepared things and cook from last night. She made so much food today, the menu are:
  • Gonjleng Rice. [She found the receipes at news paper, try it once, love it, and cooked it over and over again. Actually it's one's of traditional rice like nasi uduk, nasi jamblang and nasi kebuli. It also cooked with some simple spices. Here, i found a recipe from google. And i also forgot which region nasi gonjleng from, banten or something.]
  • Shrimp balado. [i looove this shrimp so much]
  • Tempe balado. [She fried the tempe very crunchy]
  • Beef cooked with chili. [In banjarmasin language, it called daging masak habang. My granny like it so much]
  • Fried beans. [Simple vegetable i looove the most]
  • Sprouts Tumis. [It's good for my fertility, right? :D]
  • Salted squid tumis. [Mommy and granny like it so much. Me? Hehehe.... ;p]
After cook it, she pack the foods into some small container and gave it to our homestay people, and kak syifa, our nearly neighbour.
There's no celebration. There's no cake, or party. Even my brother didn't come to see my mom.
She looks happy while she cooked and shared all the food with everyone she wants.
Mom didn't ask any help from me, didn't ask any gift. She just wanna see me and my brother work in a good place so we don't have worry about our future.
One more thing, she really want to have a grandchildren from me. But i'm not pregnant yet :(
Apologize for disappointed you.. :( :(

Dear mommy...
Happy birthday... I promised you i'll work hard to gave you grandchildren.
And i always pray for your health and happiness.
I love you mom... and always be...

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