Thursday, July 07, 2011

dad or dead

Yesterday, i just met my dad.
Awkward situation.
When mom and him talk about everything, me, my brother and my fiance just sit and listening..
I don't talk too much... Just explained some rundown things..
But when mom told him that he have to be my 'wali', i just said that i don't want it.
Without looking at him.
I know he's my dad.
Not psychologically.
However, he was the one who made me born.
But i can't feel anything.
I don't miss him either.
I just know that i don't wanna him to feel so proud to have me.
All i know is i just feel Bad.
at home, i just think...
Did he want to invite somebody to come to my wedding?
Is it hurt him?
Did he ever really care about me?
Or only the situation that made he have to be care at me?

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