Friday, June 03, 2011

Oh my..... -_-

Here it is....

My bloody petakilan kangmas showed me some capoeira things. We're just finished our late lunch, suddenly he jumped and over reacted when he found an (almost) empty parking area.
But i can't stop smiling while i saw his childish expression, when he explained this, doing that and so on. How i love this guy..... :")

I wonder how sebakul nasi and friends still in his tummy with this position?

He said, somebody could die because of this kicking. (what is it, by the way? some kind of jumpalitan kah?)

Dear God, please don't make him keseleo. I don't know how to fix it.. -.-' *pray*

Don't be keseleo please... please..... *pray again*

And hunny....

Please don't teach our (future) children to be more petakilan than you..... ~~


  1. cupu banget sih gerakannya ~~
    baru belajar ya nih orang
    anakku nanti pastinya akan jauh lebih hebat dari ini :p